DµST is a space ledger that unifies all actors in the space industry by providing a common ground for access to real-time space assets information, exclusive data for intelligence analysis and situational awareness, and a distributed and fair regulatory network.

“Space. It’s the final and only frontier, and the only way to save humanity and our planet. Space is full of new untamed resources, mystery and adventure that pushes human ingenuity to survive and adapt. Space is for pioneers, for those who dream not about themselves but about others and the future of our species.”


Juan Ramirez – CEO


Integration and







Our Services


DµST is neutral system that defines the state of space assets and governs the interaction, logistics, and relationship between the assets and the actors.

Secure & Relevant

A validation network consensus protocol and contract engine allow for a faster and more efficient claim system, assigning automatic governance, licensing, and voting, reaching agreement levels in near real-time.

Space Law and Ownership

Contracts are generated according to the rule of law for international space and are upgraded, supported, and maintained regularly.

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Building the Future of Space Information

Mission Control

In navigating mission control, DµST will be the ideal partner in:


  • ensuring a clean, organized and secure platform to help startups achieve mission success
  • being the unified ledger for data storage and communication
  • providing permissioned blockchain and smart contracts

Orbital Parking

In a growing space industry, DµST Network aims to:


  • create a permissioned, distributed ledger that functions as a collaborative network
  • facilitate actor-asset interactions, tracking of changes and ownership
  • establish a common ground for transparency and optimal regulation 

In-Orbit Transfer

 As the framework for licensing and ownership of space data, DµST also:


  • facilitates the secure in-orbit transfer of ownership of space assets
  • builds a network to unify actors in the commodification of space assets
  • deploys a platform that champions the exploration of space

Crypto Space Division

Automation and innovation

A software platform stack to enable smart-contracts and crypto assets to empower New Space Startup

High level of integration

An acceleration platform and third-party integrations for space assets and celestial objects

Satellite tracking

A public, auditable and permissioned network for man-Made objects tracking in space

DµST Network

DµST leads innovation into space and provides the most innovative and customized space ledger services in the inDµSTry.





  • High quality image and telemetry data analysis framework
  • Near real time environmental imagery monitoring
  • NEOnear Earth object database and application framework
  • Intelli-crop agro inDµSTry solutions
  • Disaster management and prevention system
  • Smart contracts sustainable oriented micro transactions

Our goal is to help our partners achieve their full potential and establish long-term stability and security in their operations.

  • Distributed access management
  • State-of-the-art encryption and zero-trust security framework
  • Constant auditing and monitoring
  • Compliance and regulatory domain support
  • Threat management and evolutionary security

In-orbit transfer and licensing

Transfer of ownership in orbit is achieved through a secure data model and data access, such as authentication by private keys that may be embedded directly into the DµST Network.

Liability and traceability are recorded and audited at any given time providing situational awareness.

From the inception of the mission through to the end of life of the asset, permission, liability, monitoring and auditing become easier, allowing for a better transition, survey, and control over the life cycle of the asset.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Ownership, jurisdiction, political implications, alongside awareness and lifecycle, are paramount as the space industry grows. DµST DAO enables and boosts economy drivers, providing a decentralized, secure and auditable framework for human space exploration to flourish.