Mission Control

by | Sep 25, 2021 | Blockchain, Product, Space Exploration

Mission control is fundamental to achieving mission success. From inception to the deorbiting of satellites, having mission control is essential to all the actors involved, including regulatory domains, satellite companies and startups. 

When it comes down to establishing this control, there are numerous steps and paperwork involved in managing the mission. DµST Network will be the ideal partner in navigating mission control to help startups achieve success.

Right from the inception of the satellite, DµST will be the ledger to record the mission in its entirety, all the way to deorbiting. Startups will be able to feed the platform information regarding their mission, such as its purpose, orbit destination and payload details. This creates a supply chain which in turn can be validated by affiliated actors throughout the mission. 

With DµST, the sharing of complex information and commands with actors will be made easier and secure through the use of our permissioned blockchain by allowing actors access to the information that they need. DµST will also host the collection of telemetry data concerning satellites directly from base stations or via the Internet. 

All of the communicated data can then be stored and used by the associated actors to initiate smart contracts to observe and audit the mission data, and act upon it when necessary.

Apart from organising the receiving and storing of information, interactions within DµST Network will also be bidirectional. The platform will enable startups to authorize selected actors to engage in specific maneuvering of satellites, such as orbital corrections. The smart contract, logged and audited on blockchain, will detail the maneuverings that the operator will be permitted to perform while determining other elements of the mission that can be automated. 

Depending on the permissions, DµST’s infrastructure will ensure this smart contract is kept between a certain few actors without having to connect it to the startup’s entire network of operations.

At the same time, startups maintaining secure control of their mission enforced by smart contracts need not be limited to satellite operations. DµST Network also handles the deployments of other types of space assets, such as cargo, and acts as the common interface between the related actors to make the mission a success.